Our Mentors Are the Best In the Business!

We offer FREE one-on-one individual mentoring to those who want to start a business or are already in business.


Kansas City SCORE has over 50 Mentors - men and women - with widely varied Industry and functional experience to help get you the answers you need - at no charge.  Mentoring is unlimited - as much as you need and want.

CALL: 816-235-6675 to schedule an appointment. 

What you should know about SCORE mentoring

You should know that your SCORE Mentor will hold in strict confidence all information or discussions between you and your Mentor in ALL mentoring sessions, including face-to-face, telephone, and email.

Your SCORE Mentor volunteers time to share his or her experience and knowledge with small business entrepreneurs who can benefit from such advice.

A SCORE Mentor CAN listen to your plans and through a questioning process, help you to clarify your goals.

A SCORE Mentor CAN steer you toward sources to accumulate information and data which will help you to determine the soundness of your plans.

A SCORE Mentor CAN offer you written material to aid in setting up a plan which will be the basis of your efforts to realize your goals.

A SCORE Mentor CAN be supportive and offer encouragement.

A SCORE Mentor CAN advise of educational courses that would be of assistance.

A SCORE Mentor CANNOT tell you what kind of business you should establish.

A SCORE Mentor CANNOT give you money.

A SCORE Mentor CANNOT make decisions for you.

A SCORE Mentor CANNOT do your homework or business plan for you.

A SCORE Mentor CANNOT ask you to pay for mentoring services.

A SCORE Mentor CANNOT refer you to specific professionals.