In late 2016, after an Active Shooter Response (ALICE) training, teacher and former construction-company owner Lance E. Sargent talked with business leader Justin M. Osburn about how they could use engineering to keep children safe from active shooters.

The result was the Guardian Angel, an industrial barricade that can be deployed 15 seconds, keeping children safe behind locked doors until help arrives. 


My successes. 

Sargent and Osburn successfully launched their business, filed a patent for their product, and made more $250,000 in sales in their first two quarters. 

How SCORE helped. 

Osburn worked with a variety of SCORE mentors for different aspects of his business. He was impressed by his mentors’ commitment. “SCORE has assisted us in dropping the cost of manufacturing, creating sales channels and troubleshooting potential product issues,” says Osburn. “One of my mentors actually drove 90 minutes ot meet with me about product development. Another did research with me at a collegiate library and attended multiple government fact-finding meetings with me as well.” 

Osburn also attended a local seminar and several online seminars. “The more I plugged in, the more information and ideas formulated,” he says. 

Guardian Angel